Why Does My Dog Fart So Much?

Why Does My Dog Fart So Much?

Canine flatulence can be a blight on the homes of some dog owners. Whether you are finding it uncomfortable, embarrassing, or just downright disgusting, the key to curbing the issue is to understand why does my dog fart so much?

Why do dogs fart?

Just as in humans, canine flatulence is caused by a build-up of gas in the intestinal tract and colon.

Passing gas is a perfectly normal bodily function of your pooch. Why does my dog fart so much can be for a number of reasons.

It might be that they are eating too fast and this causes them to swallow air at the same time.

It could also be that they are eating the wrong sort of food.

Bread, beans, and dairy can all contribute to excessive canine flatulence.

But why does my dog fart so much?

Excessive flatulence is usually linked to your dog’s diet. Why does my dog fart so much?

It could be that they are consistently eating a low-quality diet.

If you know the full ingredients of the food you are giving your pet, then it is most likely due to food intolerance.

Food allergies and intolerances

This happens when your dog’s body simply can’t cope with a certain ingredient, and so his intestinal tract can’t absorb it as well as it should.

The side effect of slow digestion is the creation of large amounts of gas.

If the reason is due to food intolerance, then you’ll probably also notice that your dog has loose stools.

Consult your vet as soon as possible if you suspect that your dog has a food intolerance.

If your dog is diagnosed with a food allergy, then you could consider preparing homemade dog food for them.

There are also specially formulated dog foods that can help with allergies and intolerances too.

Is my pooch in pain?

If your dog frequently has a lot of gas to pass, they may get stomach cramps which cause discomfort.

It can be difficult to know for sure, however, dogs with digestive discomfort may display unusual behaviors such as chewing excessively on objects or eating strange things, like grass.

Something serious?

Occasionally excessive farting can be a symptom of something more serious.

If your dog is especially gassy, and food intolerances have been ruled out, there could be issues with their digestive system.

To ensure your dog is not suffering from an underlying gastrointestinal condition or an inflammatory bowel disease, take them to the vet for a full examination.

Be sure to report any other unusual behaviors or symptoms you’ve noticed, even if they don’t seem relevant.

Tips to reduce passing gas

If eating too quickly is the reason as to why does my dog fart so much, then there are some ways you can slow your dog down to prevent them from swallowing too much air when they eat.

Try placing a small bowl upside down, inside a larger food bowl, and arrange the food around it.

The narrower space will ensure your dog has to slow down and take smaller bites.

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