What Do Seahorses Eat?

This article aims to answer the questions related to seahorses’ diet. If you have a pet seahorse lingering quietly in your aquarium, you might be confused as to what to feed your wonderful sea pet. Some people ask the questions:

  • What do seahorses eat?
  • Do seahorses eat their babies?
  • Do seahorses eat seaweed?

It cannot be denied that seahorses are not a common pet for most people. Here is a complete guide to help you feed your seahorse at home.

What do seahorses eat in captivity?

What do pet seahorse eat? If you have a captive-bred seahorse, it is okay not to feed them with live foods. Since they had not been exposed to the ocean and had their natural way of attacking their prey and sustaining themselves with foods, they are easier to adapt to frozen foods such as crustaceans, even if the seahorse is still young.

What do seahorses eat in the ocean?

On the other hand, a seahorse that had been harvested from the ocean will prefer live foods instead of frozen ones. It could be quiet difficult for you to switch them to eating frozen foods.

As much as possible, you should feed them with marine-captured animals that are smaller than them and do not also limit their diet to one type of food. To stimuli, their mental condition, feeding a captured seahorse a variety of live marine creatures are highly recommended.

Do seahorses eat their young?

Contrary to popular belief, seahorses do not eat their babies! Young seahorses eat even smaller food such as copepods babies, but adult seahorses do not eat their young. So, do not worry if the male gives birth to his offspring because he will not eat his babies.

Do seahorses eat brine and shrimp?

Most seahorses eat brine shrimps. The seahorse’s eating habits will largely depend on the environment that they are exposed to. For instance, captive bred seahorses are more than willing to accept frozen foods than other kinds of hunter seahorses.

Do seahorses consume frozen food?

Because more and more people found it exciting to have seahorses on their aquarium, they tend to feed them frozen shrimps instead of living foods. But always keep in mind that seahorses, especially young ones that had been first harvested from the ocean prefer live foods.

If you tend to ask yourself “What do seahorses eat in the ocean?”, You will most likely find yourself browsing through different kinds of small and live foods for seahorses. Therefore, before you decide to feed them any frozen foods, you should consider their condition first.

It cannot be denied that taking care of a seahorse in your house can be exciting and a new experience for most of the people. So, if you want to raise a seahorse in your aquarium, you should first educate yourself about the right foods to feed to make sure that your seahorse will not only survive but will grow healthy and bred more of his species.

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