Order Orthoptera: The Crickets, Grasshoppers, Katydids

What are Grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are insects that are of medium or large length. Depending on which species, they are known to grow up to lengths of 7cm, and as little of length as 1 cm. similar to their cricket relatives, they have wings, mouthparts that are elongated and can chew, and wide, flexible legs for jumping sporadically. What makes grasshoppers different from their counterparts is that their short antennae do not reach back into their bodies.


Grasshoppers have big eyes, and try to blend in with their environment as much as possible, with brown, green, or grey coloring. A few species actually have brighter colors on their wings in order to attract their significant other. A few species even eat toxic plants, and try to keep the toxins in their body in order to ward off predators.


Female grasshoppers are always bigger than males, and usually have sharp points in the middle of their body to aid in egg laying. Males can have special structures on their wings that cause them to make the cricket or chirping noise when rubbed together.

How long do they live

Grass hoppers chance of survival are very slim in the winter, all adults die if it gets to cold. The only chance of survival is to be an egg in the winter in fact! In much warmer climates a grasshopper has the ability to live much longer, even for years on end. However, grasshoppers are a source of prey for many; majority dies before its time from either disease or predators looking for a quick meal.

How do they behave?

Grasshoppers can be active at all times of the day, be it night or daylight. They peculiarly don’t have nests, territories or a general home base as they usually migrate to find new sources of food. Most species are even loners, but some species actually migrate in the millions or even billions to help each other find food.

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