Natural Pesticides

Most yard and garden pesticides available are manmade chemicals. Because some of these pesticides have been seen to correlate with environmental hazards, there has been a huge interest in more environmentally friendly solutions in recent years.


Microbes are a great natural way for effective pest control. Bacteria such as fungi, can cause diseases that kill insect pests. These are known as microbial pesticide


Combinations of products between natural pesticides have also been seen as effective. Combing alkaline acid and veggie oils can produce a soap that is effective at controlling mites and insects. These products are known as insecticide soaps.

Plants as Pesticides

Even plants have also proven to be effective at getting rid of unwanted pests in a household. Many plants produce chemical defenses to resist various pests. Some are rich in chemicals that can actually be used for pest control. These are botanic insecticide, and although may be weaker than artificial chemicals, they are just as effective when used properly.

Effects of Natural Pesticides

The end result of using alternatives to chemicals made synthetically is obvious: less harm to our environment. The natural pesticides break down easily when exposed to heat or light, thereby reducing its impact on the environment. Other pesticides are actually toxic without combination being needed, and therefore due a better job naturally without extra effort by science. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulates these natural pesticides to ensure their safety to humans and the surrounding environment.

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