What Do Lizards Eat?

Before we can answer the question of what do lizards eat, we need to spend a few minutes talking about the different kinds of lizards. There are many different types and some consumers definitely would not want to have as a pet.

For example, crocodiles, Caymans, and alligators are lizards! These are not typical pets and definitely not something you want in your home. They can grow to a very large size and actually be quite dangerous.

Geckos, Iguanas, Salamanders, and other small lizards are more typical of the type that many people would keep as pets in their homes. We will focus on some of the small lizards such as the salamander with regards to what lizards eat.

What do lizards eat?

Obviously the first thing you should decide is what kind of lizard you’re going to have as a pet. Your local pet store can help you with the specifics for the type of lizard that you have captured or purchased. You will want to provide the right type of food as well as create a satisfactory habitat for your lizard.

For example, most lizards are carnivores and prefer live prey. You can purchase and feed them dead prey, however, they prefer frozen prey versus dry prey. Earthworms, nightcrawlers, blood worms, and crickets can be purchased at pet stores or dug up in your garden.

You could also feed them slugs, white worms, and wax worms. Most salamanders will stop eating once they are full. You can monitor their food intake and increase her diet as needed.

Remember to clean out uneaten food from the tank, especially if you have an aquatic lizard to avoid contamination and unacceptable conditions in the tank.

Housing your lizard

Again the type and size of tank you have for your lizard really depend on the type of lizard you have. Aquatic lizards may spend their entire time in water, while terrestrial lizards should not have a water area in their tank.

They will need a small water bowl. There are lizards who need both an aquatic area as well as a dry area in the tank.

The tank or aquarium should have a tight fitting lid to prevent escape, while at the same time allowing for ventilation.

Provide hiding places using pottery shards or small rocks are also needed. They like to hide, especially if they are stressed. The cage or tank should be cleaned weekly.

Maintain the temperature of the water and tank at levels suitable for your type of lizard. You might need to use a water heater, a heating pad or a heat lamp depending on the specific type of lizard you have.

While it may take some effort and planning to set up your lizard habitat initially, ongoing maintenance is relatively easy. Weekly cleaning and usually daily feeding are all that is needed.

Some lizards also like to hibernate part of the year. You will need to take this requirement into consideration before you make your purchase as well as for ongoing maintenance of the tank etc.

What do frilled lizards eat?

Frilled lizards are lizard species that can grow up to about 90 cm in length. Its tail is about 2/3 of its length. This species is popular because of its frill situated on its neck under its throat and its bright yellow mouth.

These traits made a frilled lizard an intimidating site to any of its potential predators. Frilled lizards can ran using its hind legs to escape its predator. Male frilled lizards are bigger than its female counterpart. This lizard can bite very painfully due to the presence of two canine (like) teeth found on its lower jaw.

What do frilled lizards eat? This lizard species feeds mainly on insects and spiders or any bugs that are smaller to them. Frilled lizards also eat small mammals and minute reptiles if bugs are not available to their sight.

Pet frilled lizards eat live insects such as crickets or grasshoppers or even pink mice. You can buy live insects in the pet store or breed crickets at home.

What do dessert lizards eat?

Dessert lizards are types of lizards that are one of the most prominent habitants of the arid regions of this planet. This kind of lizard is a species that you’ll always see on the wildlife shows on your TV screen.

So, what do dessert lizards eat? The type of food that dessert lizards eat is insects. Bugs like beetles, crickets, butterflies, ants, flies, worms and grasshoppers. They also eat plant materials to supplement their nutritional needs. For the desert lizards, patience is really a virtue.

Once they found an anthill, they will spend so much time in waiting for the ants to show up. Desert lizards are also experts in camouflage. They tend to bury themselves to soft sand to lure its prey or to avoid predators.

What do monitor lizards eat?

The answer to the question “what do lizards eat” will never be complete if we do not give time to discuss specific types of lizard’s diet.

How about monitor lizards, what do monitor lizards eat? Monitor lizards are considered to be scavengers and an opportunistic eater. They are carnivorous as well as the insectivorous type of reptile.

They will prey on all kinds of animals or bugs that are available to their reach. A typical monitor lizard that is living in the wild will eat just about everything including fellow reptiles, minute mammals, bugs, birds, turtles, fish, or even dead, stinking animals.

What shall I feed my pet monitor lizard? The key to that is your pet monitor lizard’s size. Smaller lizards eats smaller foods and the larger ones will eat bigger. You should also consult a pet store or local veterinarian for the best diet and supplement for your pet monitor lizard.

What do common lizards eat?

Common lizards have a dark brown complexion with vivid lines and stripes all over its body. This species of lizard is small and can grow up to a maximum size of 8 inches. This lizard dwells on large gardens, damp lands, and woodland.

Being a very fast creature, a common lizard does not have any problems in catching its prey. They detect and identify its potential victims using its sight, abnormally sensitive hearing, and smell. Common lizards have the ability to stun their victim very swiftly and then swallow their prey as a whole.

What do common lizards eat? Common lizards eat a variety of food but are selective depending on their individual preferences. Some lizards eat worms by digging it from the ground. Some eat woodlice and other bugs. Unlike other lizards, common lizards do not want to consume black crickets and beetles.

Interesting lizard facts and information

Lizards belong to the class Reptilia of the order Squamata. Lizards and snake belong to the same animal group. As of now, taxonomist have identified over 3,000 species of reptiles all over the world.

Lizards are found almost everywhere except the North and South Pole because of the very obvious reason – they can’t withstand extremely low temperatures. The majority of the lizard family are terrestrial animals while some of them are aquatic.

Just like other reptiles, lizards are cold-blooded animals. When we say cold-blooded, the ambient temperature is their body temperature. So if too hot or too cold, lizard’s body can’t adjust so they might die on extreme temperatures.

Lizards have long tails. They also have eyelids, unlike their snake cousins. They also have four legs and usually have five toes on every foot. There is a kind of lizard that has no foot at all. They are called amphisbaenas.

Lizards are generally safe as house pets. But beware, there are two types of lizards that are dangerous because they are poisonous, the Gila monster, and the bearded lizards that are found in the deserts of North America.

The smallest lizards are about 3 inches long while other species can grow up to 10 feet or 3 meters long. The largest lizard species known to man is the Komodo Dragon, a scavenger that uses its poisonous saliva to kill larger animals, including humans.

It is common to smaller types of lizards to detach their tail very easily if being agitated or confronted by a potential predator. At the first look, it may seem that this is a weakness on the part of the lizards.

But, according to herpetologists or the scientists who specialize on reptiles, breaking off of the tail is a defense mechanism for lizards. The predators got distracted and will go chase the tail instead of eating the lizard. As a result, the lizard will escape and will just regrow its tail.

Most of the lizards that are known to us eat insects that’s why they are known as insectivores. Lizards are beneficial insects because they keep the insect population on its level that it will not become destructive.

But because of the current abusive agricultural practices among farmers, lizards and other beneficial organisms die together with the pests. When the insect pest population re-surge, the lizard population has not fully been recovered to combat the explosion of the insect population.

Some species of lizards eat small animals like birds and rodents, such lizards are called carnivores. There is a small group of lizards that eats plants and it is called herbivores.

Now that you are equipped with the information on what do lizards eat, we are confident that you will become a successful pet lizard owner and will become so happy while you taking care of your pet lizard.

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