What Do Jellyfish Eat?

What jellyfish eat is a very common query asked by people over the internet. Students are looking for information about the jellyfish diet for their science or biology class.

Hobbyist who are planning to get a jellyfish from the wild or pet shop are also wondering about the food of this weird, yet fascinating creature.

This article aims to provide not only information on what jellyfish eat but also other common questions related to that, including:

  • What do jellyfish eat in the wild?
  • What do pet jellyfish eat?
  • Where do jellyfish live?
  • Do jellyfish eat seaweed?
  • What are jellyfish predators?

Read along to learn more about the diet and life habit of jellyfish. Welcome to the jellyfish world!

What Do Jellyfish Eat In The Wild?

Generally speaking, jellyfish are known to be opportunistic feeders, meaning they can eat almost anything that they come across while swimming.

Some species are specific feeders, which means they only consume small fish eggs. Other species devour a whole fish as their meal. They use their stingy tentacles to hunt down and neutralized its prey.

Many types of jellyfish are able to kill the fish but are not able to eat it because it is larger than they can swallow. The bell is a hole underneath its body that serves as its mouth.

So, what do jellyfish eat in captivity then? Let’s find out!

What Do Pet Jellyfish Eat?

If you are an aquarium lover or planning to get a jellyfish for your tank, this section is for you.

Most jellyfish species that are available on the pet store are fed on live shrimp, especially the juvenile brine shrimp. This type of shrimp is a common jellyfish diet in the wild. Live baby brine shrimp is available on some pet shops or even online.

Jellyfish also consumes several kinds of dried planktons or even dried planktonic mix which is available in some pet shops. You can also try the Cubic Medusa Jellyfish Food, which is available to be ordered online.

This product is said to be a balanced diet for your pet jellyfish that meets all of your pet’s nutritional needs. Just make sure that you use this product along with living baby brine shrimp to keep your pet jelly in optimum health condition.

How often do I have to feed my pet jellyfish? Depending on the species of jellyfish you are keeping, this pet needs to be fed at least once a day.

Where Do Jellyfish Live To Find Enough Food?

Most of the jellyfish species that we know live in large bodies of water such as oceans. Originally, jellyfish live in seas but ships accidentally drove away jellyfish populations to oceans over the years.

According to evolutionary scientists, jellyfish occupied the earth before majority of the animals did. They believed that jellyfishes were already existing before the dinosaurs.

So why do they survive up to this time? It’s because of the jellyfish’s ability to adapt to its environment. Jellyfish love to swim in the deepest part of the ocean, but they can also survive in shallow waters.

What Do You Think: Do Jellyfish Eat Seaweed?

You might also ask, do jellyfish eat seaweeds and other marine plants? The answer is no. Jellyfish are predators and they love to consume small animals like small fish, lobsters, crabs, and shrimps.

What Are Predators Of Jellyfish?

What animals eat jellyfish? The main predator of jellyfish are the jellyfish that belong to other species. Overpopulation among jellyfish can be dangerous because it can easily deplete the population of small marine life, especially the ones that they love to eat, so their population needs to be checked and balanced.

The answer to that are the jellyfish’s natural enemies, or the animals that love to eat them. Salmon, sharks, tunas, swordfish and other bigger species of fish love to eat jellyfish.

Marine reptiles such as sea turtles also eats jellyfish. But sometimes sea turtles have mistakenly consumed plastic bags and other garbage for they think those are jellyfish.

As a result, sea turtles die and its population has declined over the years just because many people are not responsible enough with their garbage disposal. Efforts have been made to alleviate the effects of water pollution to sea turtles and other marine life.

In summary, can you now answer the question about the diet of jellyfish? Yes, the majority of the jellyfish species are eating small sea animals like small fish, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, and planktons. Others hunt jellyfish of different species, especially the smaller ones!

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