What Do Frogs Eat?

What do frogs eat? Almost every kid in the world when given half a chance to bring a frog home as a pet will stuff it in their pocket and bring it home to surprise mom and dad.

If you’re going to keep a frog as a pet, it is important to know what kind of food it needs to stay healthy and grow into an adult frog. Whether you found yours at the local pond or from a pet store, it is important to create the right habitat and provide suitable food.

In this article, we will be going to discuss the answer to the question: “what do frogs eat” and other related topics such as:

  • What do baby frogs eat?
  • What do tree frogs eat?
  • What do bullfrogs eat?
  • What do northern leopard frogs eat?
  • Do frogs have teeth?
  • What do frogs drink?
  • What foods should you never feed a frog?
  • How long do frogs live?

First, let us talk about the foods that your pet frogs will love to eat!

What do frogs eat?

So what types of foods do frogs eat? In general, adult frogs need live foods to survive captivity as they never eat dead animals. Ideal food for frogs includes fresh insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, flies, dragonflies, and other small bugs.

Large species of frogs are able to eat small mammals and fishes. Again, remember that frogs will never eat dead feedstuffs, so you need to catch it and bring it home alive!

What do frogs eat in the wild? Frogs are well known for being opportunistic eaters meaning they will eat almost everything that they see moving smaller than them.

To become a successful frog breeder, you may want to give your frogs food as diverse as you can. Providing food for this type of pet requires effort rather than just giving them some random insects to munch on.

You can also consider buying live foods at the nearest pet store if you don’t have much time to collect your feeding stuff. If you want you can always start breeding your own crickets so you won’t have to worry about running out of food for your pet frog.

This video about the foods that crickets eat will give you an insight into what you need to get started.

Take note that because of the fact that the types of frogs are very diversified, there is no such thing as a standard feeding formula for all of the frog species, every diet for specific types of frog has to be different.

If you are looking for the answer the question “what do frogs eat” for a species of frogs or some tips in feeding specific type or species of frogs, continue reading as we might have what you are looking for!

What do baby frogs eat?

Maybe you are asking the question: “what do baby frogs eat?” because your kid’s homework is about the life cycle of the frog and you are curious what these little frogs have to eat in order to grow. Baby frogs are called tadpoles.

During the first weeks of being a baby frog, a tadpole stays in the water. Tadpoles eat algae and small plants until their maturity. If your frogs lay eggs and hatched into tadpoles you can use lettuce as an alternative to algae and small plants. You can boil the lettuce and chop it into small pieces.

After it emerges as young frogs they will eat small insects like gnats, flies, or mosquitoes. They can eat snails or even tadpoles. You can consult the nearest pet store on what do baby frogs eat. I am sure they are well versed in the recommendation that they will give to you.

What do tree frogs eat?

Based on popularity, green tree frogs are one of the most popular types of frogs in the US. Green tree frogs love to dwell near bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, and swamps. Because of its mild behavior, tree frogs are one of the favorite pet frog species. Tree frogs can live up to six years of being captive as a pet.

What do tree frogs eat? The tadpole stage of a tree frog is a herbivore stage. But as it grows towards adulthood, tree frogs become carnivores and will love to eat insects such as crickets, ants, flies, moths, beetles, and caterpillars.

What do bullfrogs eat?

Bullfrog is another species of frog that has gained popularity by its ability to survive captivity as a pet. So, what do bullfrogs eat? The direct answer is anything that is alive and can fit its mouth!

Amazing right? Yes! Bullfrog is insatiable, it eats a lot of animals with backbones and those without. Do frogs have teeth? Bullfrogs have teeth! It is located on the upper portion of its mouth. It also has a power tongue that can trap its prey and wrestle it to fit its undiscriminating mouth.

If the prey can’t fit in, the bullfrog will bite as much and as hard as possible so the prey won’t escape. It will use its forceful limbs to slowly push the food downward to its gut.

Bullfrogs are clever! When the prey is still alive and struggling to escape, bullfrogs will jump into the water and intentionally drown its victim. Bullfrogs hunt their food at night time.

This frog species is a territorial animal guarding its habitat from any other intruder. As far as North America is concerned, bullfrog has been awarded as the biggest frog species in that region.

What do northern leopard frogs eat?

The northern leopard was once the most abundant type of frog in the United States. But there came a time that leopard frogs had been rampantly being collected for dissection at laboratories and for the demand of the frog legs in the food industry.

Now, the northern leopard frog is known to be the most popular species of the frogs being displayed in high school laboratories.

What do northern leopard frogs eat? Just the bullfrog, northern leopard frog will eat every moving object will come its way and will fit its mouth! This frog species is good at waiting, northern leopard frog will sit still for its victim to be off-guard and then spring with its enormous legs.

Northern leopard frog wills beetles, flies, worms, and ants. They can even eat smaller frogs (even baby frogs from their own kind), birds, and some species of smaller snakes, i.e garter snakes.

Do frogs have teeth?

You might be wondering: Do frogs have teeth? The answer is yes they do! But the purpose of their teeth is not to chew its food but to hold or grip its victim and prevent it from escaping.

And if upon gripping its prey they feel that they like its taste, the frog will swallow its victim whole! In some cases that the taste is not good for them, it has the ability to throw up out of its mouthparts.

What do frogs drink?

Frogs, just like any other reptiles needs a lot of water in their diet. Frogs need fresh water that has not been treated with chlorine or has been dechlorinated. You can conduct research online for the best products that can remove the chlorine content out of your frog’s water supply.

But, do frogs really drink water? According to expert zoologists, you will never see your frog’s drinking water. Why? Because the water that they need will enter their body through their skin, using the process called osmosis. They have a specialized type of skin located on their abdomen that is specifically designed to collect and absorb water.

How can you let your frog “drink”? The best way is to spray or sprinkle water in the tank keeping the humidity level high.

One method of supplying water to your frog is to spray the tank to help ensure adequate hydration, as well to keep the humidity high.

What foods should you never feed a frog?

As we have discussed earlier in this article, frogs are meat-eaters. This means that your frog will never eat fruits and vegetables. It is also imperative that your frogs will never eat leftovers, commercial feeds for bugs, or live bugs that are too large for your frogs to eat.

Do not try to feed your frogs insects collected near the agricultural area as this may be a cause of pesticide toxicity. Beware of feeding it live bugs due to the risk of being infected with viruses or diseases.

How long do frogs live?

The answer to the question “how long do frogs live” really depends on the frog species in question.

An example:

  • Tree frogs can live up to 15 years
  • Bullfrogs can live up to 7 to 24 years.
  • Northern leopard frogs can live up to 2 to 4 years.
  • Green And Black Poison Dart Frog can live up to 7 to 17 years.
  • Oriental Fire-bellied Toad can live up to 11 to 14 years.
  • Ornate Horned Frogs can live up to 5 to 12 years

Take note that the lifespan of frogs depends on the species and the environment it lives in.

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