Order Blattodea: The Cockroaches

Majority of people frown when cockroaches are mentioned. Yes, this insect is probably the most despised among its relatives. However, among over 4,500 known species of cockroaches all over the world, only 25 of them are considered to be annoyance. Almost all of the members or the order Blattodea are considered to be extremely beneficial in a wide array of ecosystems.

Cockroach characteristics

Majority of cockroach species are omnivores, eating almost anything including plants, dead animals or even wastes. They are adapted to live in areas with warmer temperatures such as in tropical or even sub-tropical regions.

Adults of this kind can be as small as three millimeters and as big as 90 millimeters. They possess broad and flattened body.

Cockroach life cycle

Female cockroach produces eggs covered with a hardened casing called ootheca. Each of these oothecas can store up to 50 eggs depending on species.

Insects belonging to order Blattodea undergo incomplete metamorphosis where their youngs, called nymphs resemble the adults. If the cockroach species is winged, the nymphs will possess wings after its final molt.

Cockroach classification

Cockroaches are once classified under order orthoptera with grasshoppers and crickets as their close relatives. Now, cockroaches are separately classified as Order: Blattodea.

How can we find cockroach

If you looking forward to study and learn from cockroaches, you do not have to look for them. They are gregarious type of insect so they will look for you. Pest cockroach species love humans very much. They tend to multiply in large cities with poor sanitary conditions.

Cockroaches are known for emitting odors and producing a unique sound. Some may even hiss, while others may chirp loudly. A clicking noise can even be emitted by some. Cockroaches can cause destruction to your home, so homeowners have to be especially careful when getting rid of the ugly bugs.

Since they are so small, cockroaches can enter your house from a variety of ways, from cracks, hole in the walls, pipes, or even through the window. The best environment for a cockroach is plentiful food, a warm setting, water preferably, and of course a good spot to reproduce safely! Cockroaches do not have seasons and are seen year round. Cockroaches and reproduce fairly quickly, and their usually more than one cockroach lurking around when one is actually spotted.

Cockroaches are active at night, and if one were to see a cockroach during the day, its most likely due to crowding out of the nest! This is sometimes seen as a sign of infestation. Humans are especially receptive to the diseases cockroaches can carry, where they can aggravate allergies most often seen in children and sensitive people.

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