What Do Bengal Tigers Eat?

Do you know the answer to the question: what do Bengal tigers eat? This article aims to discuss the Bengal tiger’s diet and the way this species hunt its food in the wild.

The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is the most common kind of tiger and is probably what most people refer to when they say “tiger” because they are the most populous of tigers.

The Bengal tiger is generally characterized by a yellow to light orange coat with stripes of brown or black. Their bellies and interior limb parts are white and their tails are orange with black rings.

The Bengal tiger is native to the Indian subcontinent but can also be found in Bangladesh due to conservation efforts. The Bengal tiger can thrive in a variety of habitats such as mangrove swamps, tropical rainforests, grasslands, evergreen forests, rocky areas, and savannahs.

So, now that we know what do tigers look like and where do Bengal tigers live, we would now proceed to their diet.

What Do Bengal Tigers Eat In The Jungle?

What do Bengal tigers eat? Tigers, no matter what subspecies they belong to, are carnivorous. Bengal tigers favor species of deer and wild boars. The presence of prey, obviously, depends on the habitat and particular area the tiger is in and what is highly abundant in that area.

In areas that are not commonly populated by animals, tigers have to eat rodents, insects, and small birds. They naturally eat sambar, chital, sika deer, nilgai, gaur, buffalo, civets, monkeys, porcupines, fish, crabs, frogssnakes, and monitor lizards.

If vulnerable and available, tigers will not hesitate to attack a baby elephant or a baby rhino. Tigers are also not picky when it comes to healthy adult prey or weak and sickly ones. Tigers are not afraid of their prey and legend has it that tigers have no fear and have become symbols of courage and bravery.

Tigers look for food during cool, cloudy days or when the sun is setting. The most favorite prey of the Bengal tiger is gaur which is 45% of their diet. In national parks, sambar deer form 29% of their diet.

So, what do Bengal tigers eat? Short Answer: MEAT!

How Do Bengal Tigers Get Their Food

You know how to answer the question what do bengal tigers eat. Do you wonder, how do bengal tigers get their food in the wild? It is very uncommon for Bengal tigers to hunt in packs or pairs because tigers are solitary and independent by nature.

This means they like to hunt alone. They also don’t like to scavenge and instead like to hunt and stalk their prey actively, searching for it as necessary. The tiger is very stealthy and hides among the foliage and the environment.

They wait for the perfect moment to launch an attack from the back or the side. Tigers like to attack by surprise where their prey is not aware of their presence. Tigers inch forward gradually until they reach a distance at which they can charge and grab their prey by the neck, back, or shoulders.

As the tiger pulls its victim to the ground, the tiger’s jaws break the neck or rip the throat out. The victim experiences a quick death. Tigers are also powerful swimmers and hunt for fish and other aquatic animals.

Interesting Facts About Tigers

  • Female tigers are pregnant for 16 weeks before giving birth. They usually give birth to 3-4 cubs at a time.
  • During the 20th and 19th centuries, tigers were hunted for ‘sport’.
  • It is estimated that 12,000 tigers are kept in the U.S. as pets.
  • Tigers usually live close to the water.

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