What Do Llamas Eat?

Llamas belong to the same family as camels and are classed as Camelidae. They do not have humps to store fat, but like camels, they can go for long periods of time without drinking water. Llamas live in the wild, and as domesticated animals; reared on farms, in zoos, and as pets. What do llamas … Read more

What Do Humpback Whales Eat?

what do humpback whales eat

Humpback whales are found in every ocean on Earth. They are intelligent creatures, that live in groups called pods. The average humpback whale weighs around 35 tons, or 80,000 lbs, and can grow up to 50 feet in length, so the definitive answer to what do humpback whales eat is definitely; a lot of food! … Read more

What Do Chinchillas Eat?

what do chincillas eat

Ensuring your chinchilla has the correct diet is vital to their well-being. Understanding the importance of what do chinchillas eat, can help your pet thrive in a healthy and happy home. Chinchillas are native to the cold mountains of the Andes in South America, and as such, they have very thick fur. In fact, chinchillas … Read more

What Do Weasels Eat?

what do weasels eat

This article will answer common questions regarding the weasel’s unique diet such as “what do weasels eat?” or “can I have a weasel as a pet?” What do weasels eat? Weasels are carnivores, that will usually only eat other animals. They usually hunt prey that is smaller than themselves, such as rats, voles, shrews, chipmunks, … Read more

What Do Sparrows Eat?

what do sparrows eat

Sparrows are weaver finch birds. There are several species of sparrow, some of which are associated with living nearby settlements of people, such as cities, suburbs, and farms. The most common sparrow is the House Sparrow, also known by its Latin name, Passer Domesticus. Sparrows have small bodies and strong, conical beaks; which are perfect … Read more

What Do Plankton Eat?

We journey through the world’s oceans to discover what do plankton eat. Planktons are small and microscopic organisms that live in fresh or seawater. Plankton isn’t a species, it’s the name for a large group of organisms that live in the waters of the world; such as krill, jellyfish, and the eggs and larvae of … Read more

What Do Hyenas Eat?

what do hyenas eat

What do hyenas eat? There are three types of hyenas; the spotted hyena, the brown hyena, and the striped hyena. They are all classed as members of the Hyaenidae family. Answering the question of what do hyenas eat, depends on the type of hyena we are talking about. The hyena’s natural habitat spans across the … Read more

What Do Arctic Foxes Eat?

What do arctic foxes eat? The Arctic fox, sometimes known as the snow fox, polar fox or white fox, are both hunters and opportunistic feeders. This article aims to discuss information regarding the arctic foxes diet in detail. What do arctic foxes eat? Arctic foxes are predators so they hunt small rodents such as lemmings. … Read more

What Do Snapping Turtles Eat?

This article is all about the diet snapping turtles eat in the wild and captivity as pets as an answer to the common question of what do snapping turtles eat. You will also learn the basics of caring for snapping turtles as pets at home. What do snapping turtles eat? Snapping turtles eat both plants … Read more

What Do Bearded Dragons Eat?

This post is about one of the most popular lizards in the pet trade – the bearded dragon. But while it is one of the most rewarding lizards you can keep as a pet, it is also one of the most sensitive. Thus, you need to be careful about what you’re feeding it with. This … Read more

What Do Komodo Dragons Eat?

This article aims to answer the question of what do Komodo dragons eat. We will also discuss important information regarding the Komodo dragon diet. Heavy, strong, and deadly, the Komodo dragon has been a subject for fascination among scientists. They’re so notorious they remind us of a mythical creature – the dragon. And that’s probably … Read more

What Do Badgers Eat?

This article will answer the question of what do badgers eat. We will also show you some cool facts about badgers that will surely surprise you. Who doesn’t love badgers? They are among the cutest and most recognizable creatures in the animal kingdom. They are so iconic that countries like Great Britain consider them a … Read more

What Do Bengal Tigers Eat?

Do you know the answer to the question: what do Bengal tigers eat? This article aims to discuss the Bengal tiger’s diet and the way this species hunt its food in the wild. The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is the most common kind of tiger and is probably what most people refer to when … Read more

What Do Emperor Penguins Eat?

This article will answer the question “what do emperor penguins eat?” both in the wild and in captivity. It will also show you some remarkable facts about this wonderful bird species. The Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the tallest and biggest of all known species of penguins and is native to Antarctica. Emperor penguins are … Read more

What Do Arctic Wolves Eat?

Let us answer the question “what do arctic wolves eat?” and discuss some interesting facts about this rare wolf species diet. The Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos), referred to as the Polar Wolf or White Wolf, is a mammal of family Canidae and a subspecies of the Grey Wolf. They can usually be found in … Read more