What Do Woodlice Eat?

what do woodlice eat

The woodlouse is not actually an insect, it is actually a crustacean. Crustaceans are a group of invertebrates that includes over 45,000 different species including lobsters, crabs, and prawns. The name crustacean comes from the Latin word ‘crusta’, which means “hard shell”. The woodlouse has 14 parts to its body, which gives it the flexibility to curl up into a…

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What Do Walruses Eat?

what do walruses eat

Walruses live around the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean and the cold seas surrounding it. They belong to the pinnipeds category of creatures, commonly known as seals, which are defined as semi-aquatic, carnivorous mammals, that have fins. Walruses are classed as Odobenus and are the only surviving genera of the wider Odobenidae family. In the past, there were many…

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What do Reindeers Eat?

what do reindeers eat

Reindeer are classed as Cervidae. Cervidae encompasses many species that have antlers, such as deer, elk, and moose. Scientific research suggests that the reindeer was one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans, around 2,000 years ago.  The reindeer still plays an integral part in the lives of many native Arctic people, who may use the creature for…

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What Do Quails Eat?

what do quails eat

Quails are plump-bodied, mid-sized birds, most commonly brown, with white striped feathers. There are many breeds of quail across the world. They make their nests on the ground and are known as ground feeders, as they eat by pecking at the ground. Knowing how quail eat, can help us understand what do quail eat. Many quail are raised on farms…

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What Do Platypus Eat?

what do platypus eat

The Platypus, sometimes known as the duck-billed platypus, due to the duck-like bill on its face, is classed as part of the Ornithorhynchidae family, and is known as the genus or category; Ornithorhynchus. It is the only creature alive today from the Ornithorhynchidae family. The Ornithorhynchidae family are mammals known as monotremes. Monotremes are rare mammals that lay eggs, instead…

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What Do Llamas Eat?

Llamas belong to the same family as camels and are classed as Camelidae. They do not have humps to store fat, but like camels, they can go for long periods of time without drinking water. Llamas live in the wild, and as domesticated animals; reared on farms, in zoos, and as pets. What do llamas eat can really depend on…

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What Do Humpback Whales Eat?

what do humpback whales eat

Humpback whales are found in every ocean on Earth. They are intelligent creatures, that live in groups called pods. The average humpback whale weighs around 35 tons, or 80,000 lbs, and can grow up to 50 feet in length, so the definitive answer to what do humpback whales eat is definitely; a lot of food! The scientific name for the…

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What Do Chinchillas Eat?

what do chincillas eat

Ensuring your chinchilla has the correct diet is vital to their well-being. Understanding the importance of what do chinchillas eat, can help your pet thrive in a healthy and happy home. Chinchillas are native to the cold mountains of the Andes in South America, and as such, they have very thick fur. In fact, chinchillas have the densest fur of…

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What Do Weasels Eat?

what do weasels eat

This article will answer common questions regarding the weasel’s unique diet such as “what do weasels eat?” or “can I have a weasel as a pet?” What do weasels eat? Weasels are carnivores, that will usually only eat other animals. They usually hunt prey that is smaller than themselves, such as rats, voles, shrews, chipmunks, mice, and other small mammals.…

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What Do Sparrows Eat?

what do sparrows eat

Sparrows are weaver finch birds. There are several species of sparrow, some of which are associated with living nearby settlements of people, such as cities, suburbs, and farms. The most common sparrow is the House Sparrow, also known by its Latin name, Passer Domesticus. Sparrows have small bodies and strong, conical beaks; which are perfect for eating seeds. Sparrows have…

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